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Disposable icing bags are ideal for adding decoration to cakes and desserts and piping cream and mashed potatoes. Bags are ready for use or can be trimmed to fit an icing nozzle. Bags are stored neatly in a box with a dispenser to easily draw out bags. Ideal for adding decoration to cakes an..
985.00 KES
Ex Tax:985.00 KES
Sweetly Does It easy to use traditional icing syringe for decorating all types of cakes and biscuits. Includes six stainless steel nozzles for creating a variety of different patterns on your delicious cake creations. Set comprises: Plastic icing syringe and 6 stainless steel nozzles Bl..
1,250.00 KES
Ex Tax:1,250.00 KES
Master Class Reusable Cotton Pastry / Icing Piping Bag, 40 cm (15.5")
-17 %
Whether you're icing baked creations or piping mashed potatoes to top a home-made pie, with Master Class's 40 cm (15.5") reusable piping bag you can make them look fantastic. It’s durable, versatile and – best of all – you can use it again and again. Discover a New World of Decorating Whe..
1,250.00 KES 1,500.00 KES
Ex Tax:1,250.00 KES
Sweetly Does It Reusable Large Piping Bag for Cake Decorating, Silicone, White, 46 cm
-14 %
100 Percent Reusable: From ganache swirls to pretty buttercream flowers, you can experiment to your heart's content with this robust icing bag. Save money, reduce waste: Unlike disposable icing bags, It is easy to clean and wont retain flavours, so can be used again and again. Easy to use:..
1,250.00 KES 1,450.00 KES
Ex Tax:1,250.00 KES
Reusable piping bag ideal for piping cream, icing and even mashed potatoes. This can also be used as a spare bag for use with a variety of nozzles. Simply cut to size as required, wash and reuse. Size: 30cm / 12" Handwash only Perfect for icing cakes, as well as piping cream, chocolate and..
350.00 KES
Ex Tax:350.00 KES
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